About Me

Hi, I'm Marti, and I'm a red-head.

And yes, it's my natural colour.  Although most of the time I try to dye it blonde, but that red still manages to find it's way through.

I'm blessed to be able to work from home while I look after my 4 kids.  Master T is 8, Miss E is 3, Master R is 20 months and Miss K is 4 months.

My children drive me insane.  But I love them.

I'm married to an awesome man, who is so much like myself it's scary.  We love the same things, think the same way and do cheesy things like finish each other's sentences.  We've been married for 11 years and together since we were 18.

My husband drives me insane. But I love him.

I'm an only child and am sometimes devastated that I have no brothers or sisters to share my life with.  I adore my parents; my Mum is like my best friend and my Dad and I are *exactly* the same.

My parents drive me insane. But I love them.

I've always had a passion for writing but I've never really taken it up as a serious hobby.  But I bit the bullet and here I am.  I hope one day to write a novel - but I don't even know what it would be about, so don't expect anything soon :).

I loooove music, reading, motor racing (anything to do with cars actually) and other things of a bogan nature.

I hope you enjoy your time reading my blog. It's something I would love to see flourish and bring some light and laughter to my reader's day.

Lots of luv

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