Friday, November 11, 2011

That awkward moment when you move house and break your ankle

Ok, so I know it's been AGES since I last posted - like, 6 weeks or something. So very, very slack of me.

So I guess I better update you all on what's been happening with all of us.....

We got the house we applied for which I mentioned in my last post.  So very thrilled!  But of course, then the craziness of packing and moving ensued.  We did the move ourselves with my Dad driving the rental truck down to Melbourne.  As fate would have it, it poured with rain on the day we moved out of our house. Never want to do that again!  The drive down was uneventful and the kids were well behaved - I wasn't sure how they'd go with it all as they'd never been on such a long road-trip before but they handled it very well.

We arrived in Melbourne, went to the real estate agent and signed our lease and picked up the keys and spent the rest of the day unloading all our worldly possessions with the help of some very dear friends who were so very kind to help us out.

The day went well and smoothly.  One of my friends offered us a lounge-suite to us for FREE - can't say no to a freebie so my Dad and I went out to her house (about an hour away) late that afternoon with the truck to pick it up.

I picked up a couple of the lounge cushions to take them out to the truck and soon learnt a very valuable lesson....uneven ground plus thousands of dropped gumnuts plus a pair of thongs makes for a very painful fall.

Yep, I slipped and in the process dislocated and broke my right ankle.....just what I fucking needed.

The ambulance was called, the green whistle was administered and my dear friend had the great idea of taking a pic of me too (God love her - when I saw the pic on FB it made me laugh so much, but that could have been the morphine LOL).

I won't bore you with all the hospital details but to cut a long story short, I fell on the Thursday night, I had the operation to put in a couple of plates and oodles of screws on my ankle on Monday afternoon and I was home on the Tuesday.

Open cast and big bag of ice to keep the swelling down in the days before they operated

I find this really cool and fascinating and then I start freaking out about how there's half a hardware store in my leg

So then I was hobbling around on crutches which I haven't done since I was 5 when I broke my leg and I reckon it sucks a whole lot more than it did back then. I hate the bastards, so now I'm using my desk chair as a makeshift wheelchair while I scoot around the house (thank God for tiles!). I've also got an old lady stool for the shower and a toilet frame around the loo - so lovely *sigh*.

But I've been taking it all in my stride. The Husband is still home with us all and helping out heaps and some dear friends have been helping out and visiting me too so I don't go too insane.  The kids have been great and Master 8 has been really awesome at being my little helper.

Thanks to my amazing amount of clumsiness I've also been given a new nickname.  "Marti" doesn't quite cut it anymore so I've now been dubbed "Gutter Girl" which I think is hilarious. Hey, that's what friends are for LOL.

I had a hospital appointment on Wednesday to have the old cast removed, stitches taken out and a new cast put in in whichever colour I of course I chose purple....

Quite comfy and stylish and functional, yes?

So, in a nutshell, that's what has been going on with all of us lately....great timing of course. I'll fill you all in with some more details in further posts over the next couple of weeks.

If you've ever had a stupid stack or broken something I'd love for you to share it - so I don't feel so vertically challenged!!
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