Friday, August 12, 2011

Things I know - The Bogan Edition

I know I'm a bogan because I wear ugg boots - EVERYWHERE.

I know I'm a bogan because I don't buy real ugg boots but I do buy the cheap $15 ones from BigW.

I know I'm a bogan because I love Holden Commodores.

I know I'm a bogan because I've owned 3 Commodores and they've all had a sports exhaust.

I know I'm a bogan because I grew up in Western Sydney. It's the default option - no choice there.

I know I'm a bogan because I'd rather live in Blacktown instead of "some-North-Shore-area-I-never-go-to".

I know I'm a bogan because I swear like a trucker and I actually think being a trucker would be a pretty cool career.

I know I'm a bogan because I'd rather go to the drags than an arts and craft market.

I know I'm a bogan because I don't eat jus or reductions, but I do eat sauce and gravy.

I know I'm a bogan because I like listening to heavy metal music and I think guys in boy bands are too soft.

I know I'm a bogan because I can strip down a carburettor and put it back together but I can't figure out how to wear a scarf nicely without looking like a try-hard dick.

I know I'm a bogan because I think burnouts are awesome. Unfortunately the MILF-mobile doesn't bag them up that well (I've tried).

Today I'm linking up with Yay for Home!'s Things I Know :) Make sure you check it out!!


  1. Rock on bogan....

  2. I nodded my head many times here

    And also realised I was the opposite in so many others...

  3. ROFL! I know I laughed very hard at this post!

  4. You are so bogan. Big W is fun!

    I'm not as bogan but I like near Parramatta and like to say I live in the Hills District, although I would be rather comfortable on the north shore too, but I do love where I live. The people are real and have taught me much more about social justice than I could have ever got.

  5. I know I'm a bogan because I'm from Campbelltown ;) Hahahaha

  6. Can't say I relish boganism as readily as this, but hey Big W is the shiz ;-) Cute post!

  7. I've owned two Holden Commodores now - count me in the bogan brigade too! ;)

  8. this is all so LOL-worthy!

    Definitely, if you've gotta wear uggs, they have to be the cheap Big W ones, anyone buying more expensive ones is a pretender ;)

  9. ha ha ha LOVE this! Some of my nearest and dearests are total bogans, of the best kind, just like you!

  10. Oh this made me laugh!! I can totally relate to the scarf thing.... I just can't do them well :)

  11. I love a good bogan post! And I love bogans (including myself)! LOL

  12. This truly is one of my favorite posts linked up ever!

    I love that you use the correct term of "bag" when referring to burnouts. Thanks for the LOL


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