Friday, August 5, 2011

Things I know - My Top 10

For the first time (yay!) I'm linking up with "Things I Know" at Yay For Home!

So this week I'm sharing my Top 10 Things I Know:

1.  If I clean the house, the kids will mess it up again.

2.  If I sit down, I'll have to get up again as soon as I sit because someone will want me to do something (and if I don't they will whinge at me until I do).

3.  If I take a nap I will wake up more tired than I was before I napped.

4.  If I go shopping I will buy something I didn't mean to and I'll forget to buy what I actually went there for.

5.  If I eat a biscuit the vultures kids will want one too.

6.  If I tell The Husband my period is finished he will hit me up for some action that night (cause he's such a saint for going a week without it).

7.  If I make a yummy dinner that doesn't involve nuggets or chips then Miss 3 won't eat it.

8.  If I say a swear word the Master 8 will make me put money in the swear jar.  (I've already filled it once all on my own *shame*)

9.  If I knit something I drop so many stitches that I have to start again.

10.  If I buy a toy for Master 21mths it will be so loud and annoying that I have to take the batteries out before I put it through a wall.

Make sure you head over to Yay for Home! to find out the things she knows!


  1. GREAT list! Got a real giggle out of them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh I hear you girlfriend, every single point on that list had me nodding in total agreeance x

  3. Ohmigosh I could have written this list, if my kids would let me sit down long enough!!

  4. I could identify with most of the things you know too LOL.
    PS I 'm not telling my hubby about the swear jar.

  5. Hehe!! Really relating!!!! Love the swear jar and that your Master 8 is policing it!!! ;)

  6. Ah ha, I was nodding along too esp #1, I used to be a neat-freak.... kids cured that!! How funny that Master 8 is laying down the swear jar law. And how funny that you alone filled it LOL

  7. I also know far too many of these.
    Thanks for joining in :)

  8. haha great post, and I agree with every one of them!

  9. Too true - I just don't clean up anymore, fixes up number 1 quite nicely...

  10. Oh my that was hilarious, I had to read it to hubby and he thought it was great too.

    Sounds a bit like this house!


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