Monday, August 1, 2011

And so another year has passed

It was my birthday on Saturday.....34. The more I get into my 30s the more I dislike it.  Nothing I can do about it....or is there?  Guess I better start buying copious amounts of face cream and slapping it on in a vain attempt to recapture my youth?

I was quite looking forward to having a sleep in.  They just don't happen in my house - for me, anyway.  So I thought being my birthday I'd qualify - but nope.  I woke bright and early to hear 2 little cherubs fighting over the Wii and Playstation.

Master 8 was kind enough to wish me happy birthday. Miss 3 said she didn't want to say happy birthday because her legs were tired.

So I guess you could say I didn't start the day off on a good note but was optimistic the day would improve.  The Husband finally dragged himself out of bed at 10.30 when I set the kids loose on him. I huffed and puffed and put washing away while he stumbled around the house.  I knew he was up to something but decided to channel my bad mood into showing those folded clothes who's boss.

Soon after The Husband called me into the lounge room to present my birthday gift.  If you remember, he said I was going to loooove it - and he was right.

A massage chair for my desk :).  And it is awesome!!  Very thoughtfully, he wanted me to sit in comfort while I do my work.  As well as being a full-time SAHM, I also work as an administrator for a pregnancy and birth website so spend a fair bit of time in front of the computer (there's also massive amounts of facebook time, but let's keep that between us, right?).

So I was quite taken aback by his thoughtfulness :).

Miss 3 acquired the ribbon from my chair and soon informed me that she was my present and finally wished me happy birthday.

But the bad mood soon returned. I felt like slothing on the lounge watching movies so after pissing Master 8 off all week with talk of Doc Emmett Brown and flux capacitors (I'll tell you about it one day), I decided it was time he watch it and become enamoured with Back To The Future (or is that just me?).

Master 8 was glued to it.  He asked me afterwards if the movie was really old. I said it depended on what he meant by "old". So he asked when it was made and when I said 1985, he said "FAR OUT - THAT'S ALMOST AS OLD AS YOU!!!"

Thanks, Son.

I kicked the big kids out in the backyard while the younger two slept and scared myself absolutely silly by watching Paranormal Activity.  I'd had it sitting in my IQ for months but had never grown the balls to watch it.  But I finally found a set and watched.  Well, not so much watched, but peeked through my hands over my eyes, or fast-forwarded through the scary bits.  I'm such a wimp.

Kids came back in and were making a whole heap of noise. I started getting a headache and Master 8 said his cold was getting worse and had a headache too. Funny how it never stopped him making noise.

The Husband cooked dinner so I could have the night off.  We had nuggets and chips.  Not quite what I imagined for my birthday dinner but at least he cooked something, right? If you can call throwing frozen food on a tray and putting it in the oven for 20 minutes - "cooking".

Next was the cake.  The Husband outdid himself again and thankfully bought me a cake rather than trying to make me one considering all his cakes look more like pancakes because he beats the crap out of them. What can I say - The Husband has a heck of a wrist action on him ;).

Miss 3 ran into the room to tell me she had a surprise for me and was then presented with THE CAKE!

Chocolate mudcake....Mmmmmm

The kids were soon after sent to bed where I indulged my dark and gloomy mood by watching Black Swan for the first time. Suited my mood perfectly.

Not long after it finished Master 8 decided to get up and tell me he felt sick and then proceeded to throw up all over the place. Yay. So I spent the rest of the night nursing a sick boy and smelling like spew.  Chicken nuggets mixed with mudcake looks really unusual when you see it come back at you.

Sunday was spent at my parents house where I was showered with love and attention.  Which was great except for the headache I was still struggling with.  The cake they gave me soon fixed it.

And then the present which I've had a fun time playing around with since....

So all in all, a pretty good birthday, even though I hate having birthdays.  I hate to think how much I'm going to be a bitch next year.  Better find some happy pills or drink ridiculous amounts of alcohol to dull the pain.

Oh and it's probably worth saying that I really and truly appreciate the effort The Husband put in to make my birthday a happy one. It's not his fault I was in a mood, so if he reads this - Honey, thank you sooo much for showering me with love on my birthday.  Smooshy smooshy xoxo

Oh, and I did buy myself a birthday present.


Me....Mrs Practicality bought new tyres for the MILF-mobile. Aren't they pretty?


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