Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slight birthday excitement

It's my birthday on Saturday.

I will be 34.

I don't like birthdays.

Actually, that's a lie. I LOVE other people's birthdays, I just don't like my own.  I don't like getting older. Sucks monkey balls - big time.

But I am a smidgen excited this time.

Mostly because Mum and Dad have told me they're buying me a Kindle.

Oooh, I can feel my nerd juices flowing already.  I'm a massive reader and space is now becoming an issue because of all the books I read - so this solves that issue immediately!

Reading is my way to escape the drudgery of my life.  Also great for pretending not to hear the kids whining they're hungry or the husband begging for a bit of special cuddles.  Anyone who interrupts my reading better look the hell out.  I do not do "disturbed" well at all.

The Husband has also told me he's gotten me something that I'm going to looooove.

Funnily, I doubt it.  Sometimes he has some strange ideas about what I love (although, thankfully, he does try).

What do I call strange?

How about the vibrator and lube I got for Mother's Day?

Awkward much?

What are the strangest gifts you've ever received?


  1. HA! Oh that's gold. The funniest one I can think of, was actually a present my sons received. They each got given a swiss army knife for their birthday.

    Their FIRST birthday. Um...yeaaaaahh.....!

  2. I got my grandmother a vibrator for her 70th birthday, complete with a special pouch and lube.

    I gave it to her while we were out at lunch with the family.

    She thought it was awesome. Told them that when she goes, that everyone knows not to open that bag! Hahahaha.


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