Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bedroom mishaps

I logged on this morning and scanned the news sites as I usually do.  It's the only opportunity I get to find out what's happening in the world as I have diddly squat chance of actually WATCHING the news on any given evening.

So when I saw this article Woman sues government after light falls and injures her in hotel room while having sex on work trip my first thought was "only in America" until I realised that it happened here (I could go on and on about how Australia is following America's example in becoming a litigious society, but I don't want to bore you).

In a nutshell, this woman was on a work trip and staying the night in a hotel.  She was getting some rumpy pumpy on with an "acquaintance" - not connected to her work in any way - and in the throes of passion, the light fell off the wall and hit her in the face, leaving her a bit cut up and cruising for compensation.

Now we don't have to go on about whether it's RIGHT or WRONG, but it did take me back to some amusing times with The Husband when things haven't ended in a blaze of passion and fireworks but rather screams of pain with a slipped disc, a trip to the emergency room with a head that's been split open or a flushed face of embarrassment when trying to explain what the scald marks are on your legs to your Mum.

I need 500cc's of morphine for the horrific carpet burns to the knees - STAT!

Have you ever been injured in the bedroom, dear reader? And I don't mean stubbing your toe on the end of the bed - even though that does hurt like a motherfucker.


  1. "scald marks are on your legs", please explain.

  2. Who hasn't had scald marks on the legs? Hot Coffee, a pair of handcuffs, and a faulty trapeese, it happens.

    The cranky Old Man

  3. Just some nasty carpet burn...that I'll admit to - anything else is over sharing and TMI.

  4. not an injury as such but have woken up with both mysterious bruises and sore thighs that you cant really explain away to mummy dearest why you're having trouble bending to sit. having ones legs wrapped around someone for an extended period of time is not really an acceptable excuse.


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