Saturday, July 23, 2011

Is it bedtime yet?

This is pretty much sums up how I feel this this morning (without the naffy shoes).

I'm knackered, exhausted, sleeping with my eyes open....and I've had enough.  I don't get sleep-ins.  The husband feels he's entitled to them so gets to sleep in each weekend morning.  Saturday is the only day where I might be able to grab an extra hour or so of sleep in the morning as Sunday mornings involve me getting up at daybreak to take Master 8 to football.

But no-one else seems to think that's a good idea.  So even though Miss 4mths sleeps wonderfully late every other morning, on Saturdays - nope, up with the birds.  The downside to sharing a room with your baby. Of course the husband sleeps through it all.  I wonder if he'll sleep through me putting a pillow over his face.

Even copious amounts of coffee aren't really helping this morning.  I wonder if I hid out in the laundry and slept on the pile of clothes on the floor anyone would notice I was gone?

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  1. Oh Marti.. I feel your pain.. And I often think of putting a pillow over hubby's head.. Lately with My youngest sick, I have been doing both the night duty and the morning shift.. I am soo freaking tired.. And of course because she is sick she only wants Mummy..


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