Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OMFG - It's Timmy Time!!

There's not much that stops my family in its tracks but one thing that is guaranteed to, is the theme music to Timmy Time.  The whole world stop turning.

Everything moves in slow motion.

Toys are abandoned.

The screaming subsides.

The transfixed faces take form.

It's kinda scary, actually.

Personally, I hate the show. Like I do most kids TV shows.  I just can't handle them.  The bright colours, the over-the-top cuteness, the whole "talking at you like you're 3" thing.  But this is one of those shows where they don't speak at all.....sure the characters make sounds. But they don't say actual words - just gobbledegook.  And I think that's even worse.

But dammit, my kids love it and I'll happily fire up a Timmy Time marathon session just to gain a few moments (or hours) of peace and quiet.

What shows stop your kids in their tracks?

1 comment:

  1. I have never wanted to punch and hug a television character at the same time like I do this f##ing lamb!


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