Saturday, August 20, 2011

My first ever vlog

Here it first ever vlog! And no, there's no vagina logs as was suggested to me this morning on facebook - Boobs, you crack me up!

Wow, I never really noticed how annoying my voice is LOL. Sorry my first vlog was so uninteresting....I'm sure the next one will be so much better :).


  1. You look gorgeous! Very intellect too :D

    Nice first vagina log by the way, will be subscribing to any future vagina logs for sure :P

  2. I really love being able to put a voice to the face. You look fantastic Marti.

  3. I was watching it thinking 'is she sitting in her car?'. Best idea ever! And I love love love your hair. Getting my hair done always perks me up.

  4. Aw, thank you!!!

    Glowless I felt so dumb sitting in my car so I parked it as far away as I could from everyone else so no-one would see me talking to my phone that was sitting on my steering wheel LOL.

  5. Nice do Marti! You're rocking the new you.

    I want to do a vlog (vagina log ha ha ha) but I guess that means I'd probably have to get out of my pyjamas, run a brush through my hair and lock myself in the toilet to escape the kids. One day...

  6. Marti I love your new 'do, and your glasses just compelte the whole look! Youre rocking it hun :)


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