Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is, quite possibly, the smartest thing I've ever done.....or the stupidest

With a family of 4 kids and 2 adults, I'm sure you can imagine just how much laundry we have each weekday, hour.  Especially when:

  • Master 8 changes his clothes, on average, 3 times a day - even when he's not at school.
  • Miss 3 still has the odd toileting accident so you can say at least 2 changes a day.
  • Master 21mths wets through his nappies every night so everything is soaked by morning.
  • Miss 5mths has pooplosions or upchucks requiring a full outfit change several times a day.
  • The Husband has work clothes from hell, he has no beliefs in "rags" and uses his pants to wipe EVERYTHING off his hands and he changes his socks a few times each day thanks to his ranky feet (I still love ya hun xx)
  • Me - I'm normal.

The washing is NEVERENDING and I hate it with a passion. Actually, I don't mind the washing part since I have a machine that does it for me.  But hanging it out - blah. So I don't - I use my dryer. And yeah I know, I'm killing the earth and all that, but I'm a lazy shit and it's just not going to change any time soon.

But the absolute worst part is putting everything away.  I'd pull the clean, dry clothes out of the dryer and pile them up on the laundry floor until I had a Mount Foldmore that even Sir Edmund Hillary wouldn't have been able to conquer. Take THAT Everest!!!

Yes I know it's blurry, that's because I was in the process of fainting from the shock of looking at it.

That there is a week's worth of washing. Sickening, isn't it?

So every day I'd battle the pile trying to find a school sock or pair of undies and I'd swear my head off when I couldn't find anything and then the pile would fall over and I'd swear some more as I'd stack it all back up again in some sort of precarious lump that would threaten to topple again at any moment.

And then I had a brainwave.  And it was fucking brilliant.


Everyone's clothes are sorted into the applicable for Master 8 and Miss 3, one for Master 21mths and Miss 5mths, one for me and one for The Husband. And what's the best thing?  When Master 8 used to say "I can't find my jacket" - NO MORE!!!  He knows exactly which basket he needs to look in. Miss 3 can find her own undies and clean pants when she has an accident....this fulfils my lazy-ass tendencies perfectly!!!  And then every couple of weeks, I lug the overflowing basket into their bedroom and put it all away.


But the stupid part?

I paid $100 on new laundry baskets.  100 DOLLARS!!!  I cannot believe I preferred to spend $100 on baskets over getting off my fat ass and putting clothes away every day.  I didn't tell The Husband I spent $100 on these baskets - I told him they were $10 each.  He thought my idea and tight-assed-ness was fantastic. I think he'd drop dead if I told him they were actually $25 each.

And when I bought them, I didn't even blink an eye - just loaded them up in my trolley and went up to the checkout.

So, am I the most smartest person ever - or still just a lazy shit?


  1. NO comment on your question.
    Just would like to say, that you know those nudist, well every time I do the washing I keep thinking they have the right idea.

  2. You aren't THAT lazy Marti. THIS is lazy;

    I wash mountains of dirty clothes, dry them, put them in a pile on the lounge, or the kitchen table. They sit there for about a week, then I find one of the kids has added to the pile with a dirty bit of clothing, so I just rewash the whole lot. This is a never ending cycle. I have the cleanest, unworn clothes on the face of the earth.

    Seeing as no one else does the washing, it's tough shit for them :D

  3. I had the same idea!!! Except our baskets sit on our bedroom floors until.. well until forever! They just keep having stuff taken out to wear, and more clean stuff put in! Pfffft seriously, who needs draws! They are a waste of space! LOL


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