Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lucky? Yeah, I guess I am

So I've been on a bit of a downer lately, but today, I refuse to indulge that side of me and talk about something that makes me happy.

Although every time I look at Master 8's school fees for this term, I can feel the anger bubbling up again.

Grrrr, makes me so mad; the money-hungry so-and-so's. I'd just love to tell them where to stick their.....

Sorry, got lost in the moment there. Where was I? Oh yeah, what makes me happy.

Well, these make me happy....

Although not so happy when I see how big my ass has gotten from over-indulging.

But back to my point.

Ever since leaving school and before I had children I always worked in an office environment. I loved it.  It was something I was good at.  I kept at it for a while when I went back to work after having Master 8. But then some cracks started to creep in....suddenly my career wasn't as important as my child (who'd have thunk it?).  So I quit working. The Husband was supportive. My plan was to take a few months off working and then find a job that required no real "thought" and no real "responsibility".

So I started working in retail on a register. It was perfect for me.  But, as things often go for me, I was so darn good at it I was promoted to a supervisor.  I took it on and while I didn't mind it so much, I wasn't entirely thrilled with the crap that would come my way from customers.  I don't mean the ones who had a right to complain - I mean the ones that were totally outrageous and abusive.  I mean the ones that would shoplift and I would have to confront them. Being spat at by junkies. I could go on and on.

I fell pregnant with Miss 3 and that gave me an out.  Not long after she was born, I decided I needed to get back into doing some work to help out. I wasn't happy with all the pressure being on The Husband to provide for us all.  So I looked into night work so I wouldn't have to throw money away on daycare (Master 8 was at school by this stage and Miss 3 was 6 months old).  I applied for nightfill work with supermarkets - again, I wanted a job that was low stress and low responsibility.  But nothing was coming my way.

Until I got a phone call from one particular supermarket chain who wanted to interview me for a supervisor position on checkouts due to my past experience. I hesitated, but it was night work, so I went in for the interview and I got the job.  It was much the same as my past supervising experience and more than I wanted from a job.  I fell pregnant again (with Master 21mths) and I worked through my pregnancy and went on leave a few weeks before he was born.  I had planned to return to work but when the time came, I just couldn't do it.  Turns out having babies is a great way to leave employment on a good note :).

So imagine what I was thinking when I logged into my "home" - a community I had been a part of since 2002 and a moderator since 2005 and saw that a position was opening to become an Admin....a PAID job on the site I loved! That I could do totally from HOME! I couldn't apply fast enough. And I got the job!!  So, so blessed.

And also very blessed to be working with the beautiful Chantelle from FatMumSlim.  She is such an angel and someone I love chatting to. Also insanely jealous that she's overseas at the BlogHer conference in San Diego right now - but she deserves it xx.

So now my days are spent looking after my kids, tapping away on the computer in an effort to make Birth an even more amazing place, flitting around on Facebook, doing the housework, and I don't even have to get out of my pyjamas if I don't want to (although Master 8 HATES it when I take him to school in my PJs, so I do it on purpose just to piss him off).

So when I'm feeling really dark like I have been lately, I just need to remember how lucky I really be doing something that I love, with people that I love and all from the comfort of my own home. I wish all Mums had this option available to them.

Well I better get back to work, but tell me: Do you work from home? If you don't would you like to?  Pros and Cons for working from home?


  1. YOU should be super proud of yourself Martina. You are an awesome mummy, wife, friend, person. YOU ARE YOU... and you do the best for your family. You make so many people smile by just being yourself.
    Some people find themselves very lucky indeed to be able to say they have met you and some how are aloud to call you a friend.
    Keep up the great work hun. YOUR doing an awesome job.

  2. ALLOWED... not aloud... stupid auto correct turned on.

  3. Oh yay! an admin job at Birth would be awesome! Congrats!

  4. I'm retired after 40m years of taking shit from professional shit goivers, so I DON'T work, and I don't work from home. I greatly enjoy not working from home!

    Cranky Old Man


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