Friday, August 26, 2011

Things I know - A peek into 1986

Inspired by a friend's recent blog post 1986, I've decided to give you all a peek into my 1986....

I know that in 1986 I turned 9 years old.

I know that my parents didn't buy me one of these, no matter how much I begged.

I know that I lived in a suburb of this council area

I know that I lived right next door to a park that had this in the middle of it. My friends from next door and I would sit in there all the time and look at all the rude words and penis pictures that were scratched into the wooden benches and we would giggle soooo much.

I know that my Mum used to drive me around in this, it was even the same colour

I know that I loved this girl's music a whole lot, much to my mother's displeasure

I know that I went to school here. And when I drove past it recently on a little nostalgia trip I now know that it looks NOTHING like it used to.

I know that I was at that awkward stage of my life where my front teeth would have looked better in a rabbit's mouth than mine.

I know that I had a crappy costume for Book Week but I got a certificate anyway. And I loved it because it was so pretty.

I know that I went on a trip with my Mum and people from my school's parish church to see this guy celebrate Mass at Randwick Racecourse.

I also know that I was becoming painfully aware that I wasn't like the other people I went to school with. They had "money" (maybe not quite Mosman money, but money nonetheless).  We didn't have money and it was starting to feel really awkward when my friends had the best of everything; great toys, two storey houses, birthday parties every year.

I didn't have those things.

But I KNOW I don't regret that. My parents did their absolute best to give me the best childhood they could.  And they succeeded.

I'm linking up with Shae at Yay for Home for Things I Know. Head on over to check out what everyone knows this week :).

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