Monday, August 29, 2011

Cherish Your Cherubs - "Remember"

Today for the first time, I'm linking up with Naomi from Seven Cherubs for her Cherish Your Cherubs Project.  This week's theme is "Remember".

Master 8:  My first baby and what a learning curve he was (and still is)!  He is our little pioneer, the trailblazer, setting the way for his brothers and sisters.  The Husband and I sometimes refer to him as our practice child LOL.

I remember the big cone-head he had when he was born. I thought he was going to be a freak, but it settled after a week or so.  I remember that as a very new newborn he had a night where he cried and cried and cried. And I couldn't handle it.  The Husband had to call my Mum around to save the day and of course he was an angel for her.

I remember how much he adored his Grandad (my Dad) and they would play together all day as Dad looked after him while I went back to work. He was always such an inquisitive little fella.

I remember how he embraced going to daycare at 18 months old with gusto....he adored being there and always had such a fun time.

Master 8's graduation photo from daycare in 2007

I remember how excited he was about starting big school and how he couldn't wait to make some new friends.  I was a blubbering mess, of course. But he looked so cute in his uniform, I couldn't stop taking pictures, and he didn't like that so much LOL.

I remember the time he snuck off with my camera early one morning while I was still in bed and took some photos of himself. I laughed so much when I saw them later....he's a sneaky devil.

And I especially remember how thrilled he was to be playing football. He loves it sooo much. Even though all his friends play rugby league, he only wanted to play AFL - "cause they kick the ball heaps, Mum and I love kicking a footy". So AFL it was.  And I was so super proud when he got a Coaches Award last year and even more so when he kicked his first ever goal in the last game of the season.  This year has been ever better and it's been an absolute pleasure to see him improve and enjoy every minute of it.

But what I remember most is how he is a fantastic big brother. Always happy to play with them and help take care of them.  So very kind-hearted and such a beautiful soul.

Miss 3:  I remember how she interrupted my most favourite day of the whole year - the Bathurst 1000 - by gracing us with her presence (she was a week early).  Now, Ford won that day which was awful, but her arrival made the day sooo much better.

I remember how she was a very easy going baby.  Happy to go along with the flow, very placid and easily pleased.  Oh my, how things have changed LOL.

I remember how she was growing into the most beautiful little girl with hair the same colour as mine.  And then, for some strange reason, she started to pull it out.  All of it.  I was so scared and broken-hearted because we couldn't stop it.  It got to the stage where she really had not much hair left at all.

Pretty bad, but the worst was still to come.

I remember how she finally outgrew that habit and her beautiful hair started to grow back. I was so happy!  At the same time, she really started to develop a real Little Miss personality.  She knows how to try our patience but she makes my heart melt too with her kindness and love.

I remember how much you loved going to Grandma and Grandad's each week for a visit, especially when the Easter Bunny had been and left eggs for you to find in their garden.

I remember how excited she was when I was pregnant with Miss 5mths. She would always talk about the baby in my tummy and how there was a baby in her tummy too. And then, when Miss 5mths arrived, she was so excited to have a baby sister!

She always helps out with looking after Miss 5mths - she has an amazing mother-instinct in her already. She's going to be a great mummy some day.

Master 22mths:  I remember that he arrived in a real hurry and made his presence known as soon as he was born.  But he was an awesome newborn and started sleeping through quite quickly.  He has always been, and still is, a Mummy's Boy. He just loves being with me, which is great, because I just love being with him too.

I remember that he was always such a happy little guy, always laughing, usually at his big brother, Master 8.  But he could find fun and laughter in anything and everything.

I remember that he would love to sit outside and watch everyone play. You'd think with all the action going on he would join in...but he was my slowest walker so far. But that was ok, he was content just to sit and observe.

I remember how much he loved his first taste of cake on his First Birthday.  He loved smooshing it up and getting the blue icing all over himself. So much so that he had to have a bath before he could open his presents.

I remember how when his little sister arrived he wasn't too sure what was going on and was always pointing at her and asking "wassat? wassat?"  But over time he's grown to adore her and loves laying next to her on her playmat and playing with her.  I hope they get to be great friends as they grow up together.

Miss 5mths:  Obviously she hasn't been with us for long but she is a great baby.  She made me wait until the day before my due date to arrive (my longest baked baby) but she ended up being my smallest baby ever at 2900g.

I remember that she slotted into our family perfectly. We all adored her and it was pretty clear that she adored us too.

I remember that when she found her voice, she never stopped using it and would tell us big stories all the time.  She's a typical girl :).

I remember that she loves to play with her toys and to grace us with her beautiful smiles.


  1. Oh, they're all so cute! I'm all clunky now (stop it, stop it!), LOL! I had a giggle at "wassat? wassat?", I can just imagine it!

  2. gorgeous [post! your kiddos are cuties x

  3. Awwwwww! Thank you for sharing all those lovely memories!!

  4. Ahhhh! so, so your gorgeous cherubs. Love the wonderful memories you have shared of them and those pictures are just awesome. I love little baby pictures and those smiles..melting my heart. Thanks so much for linking up. N x

  5. Your son's self-portraits are priceless! Still giggling ;)

  6. You have 4 very adorable children!! I love the surprise photos Master 8 put on your camera. So cute that Miss 3 would say she had a baby in her tummy too. So very precious <3

  7. I have to agree with the others, just a gorgeous post with lovely photos of cute children. You sound very proud of them :)

  8. you have adorable children. Glad I found your blog. Natasha x


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