Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You won't believe what I found in my cereal this morning!!

The other day I was watching the news and there was a story from the US about these vines that grow on telegraph poles that look like Jesus.  Quite amusing really....seeing loonies going gaga over the Jesus Vines.  Must have been a slow news day.

Apparently workers cleared the vines away soon after (claiming it was dangerous or something).  I was disappointed. I told The Husband that I could imagine some religious fanatic climbing the pole to get closer to Jesus only to get electrocuted and literally get closer to Jesus (it's a joke, people).

Anyway, the image was stuck in my head of the Jesus Vines, so you can only imagine my surprise this morning when I got my breakfast and found this in my bowl of honey wheats......

Is it Jesus or Kenny Loggins?

Truly astounding!  I was going to set up a shrine and all, but thought it might be better to flog it off for some cash on ebay.  Can you buy a new house with a paypal account?

Here's some other places the big guy apparently turns up:

Jesus or Barry Gibb?

Grease on a frying pan (photo courtesy of http://stuffthatlookslikejesus.com/)

A good reason not to clean your iron

(photo courtesy of http://stuffthatlookslikejesus.com/)

Time for a new pair?

Bleach spilt on a sock (photo courtesy of http://stuffthatlookslikejesus.com/)

Jesus or the sith guy from Star Wars?

A plank of wood (photo courtesy of http://stuffthatlookslikejesus.com/)

So what do you make of this sort of thing?  True divine intervention or just chance?


  1. I all depends on how you see things. Some people might have no idea what you are talking about if you just showed them a photo of one of those.... no idea what they are seeing, yet just the mention of who IT might be and wham, you have a sighting.

  2. Tee he he. You made me laugh! Personally, I think it's just chance, although, I'm sure I saw a cloud shaped like the finger of Jesus the other day. I swear!

  3. Hmm, Jesus's finger? Or could it have been Russell Brand's finger? LOL

  4. Could have been. Who knows. Hey, I'm a red head too! Hi 5 slap :)


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