Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The day a mouse made me cry

There's a mouse plague at the moment - all over the damn country - including my house.  We have been battling them for months. We think we've got them all, and then - scurry scurry scurry - the little furry bastards are back again.

Kate from Picklebums has been battling them too. Read about her dilemma of a hiding dead mouse. (And make sure you check out her blog while you're there because it's all kinds of awesome fun.)

I feel her pain.  We've finally managed to eradicate most of the hairy little blighters with baits - under the house and some very well hidden in the house.  What The Husband failed to think about was what if the mice died while still in the house because they couldn't find a way out?  So now I find dead mice all over the place - OMG, I'm going to vomit. Well, it's not like it's a carpet of dead mice, but the odd one here and there and they totally freak me out because BANG!! there they are, sitting there, dead, when you least expect it.  Thank goodness Master 8 has no qualms about removing them if The Husband isn't around.

But I have one small problem.

The last 2 nights, I've seen a very teeny tiny baby mouse running/hopping across my loungeroom floor.  And I mean TINY - its body is about an inch long.

And I felt so awful.  We've killed this poor little baby's Mummy and brothers & sisters and now it has to go out on it's own to find food.

I told The Husband how bad I felt and he laughed at me.  He doesn't get the whole "mummy-guilt" concept. When I said to him, "imagine if we'd been killed off and our babies had to go out on their own to try and survive", he knew I'd truly lost the plot.

Maybe I have?  Should I care about a silly little baby mouse?  I mean, it's just a rodent - but I'm sure even rodents have feelings.  I wonder how it felt when it's Mum left one day for food and never came back?  Crap, now I'm going to cry again.

The Husband wants to set the traps/bait again, but I feel so bad.  Would you?

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  1. Set the bloody baits and traps. I do not like mice, not one little bit.
    Our cat keeps the mice down in this house, that is one reason to have a cat...(otherwise i have to admit I do not like cats)
    I dont like mice for the reason that they make me think my house is untidy, which it isnt... its just that they are coming in to keep warm, and find food.

    Good luck with your mice. squeak.


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