Monday, August 22, 2011

Accidental Pube Exposure

My mum got a digital camera nearly two years ago.  It took her all this time to FINALLY download all those photos off the camera and on to her computer. All four hundred and something of them.  Since the majority of them are of my kids I asked for a copy of them.

So I put them all on my flash drive yesterday and went through them all last night.

Included amongst all the cute kiddy pics are some shots of my last bubby's birth in March this year.  I'm ever so grateful that Mum took those photos because at the time, the last thing I'm thinking of, or The Husband is thinking of, is getting the camera out.  I love them :).

There's a great shot of my little Miss having her umbilical cord cut by The Husband. It made my heart leap when I saw it.....until I looked at the bottom left-hand corner.


My pubes are showing!!! WAHHHHH!!!!

Here I was, thinking, I've got to share this photo with everyone and now I can't because of the accidental pube exposure.

So I was thinking I could alter the picture?

Something like this?

Or maybe with a warning label?

Or should it be simple and understated?

Have you ever had to hold back on any of your birth photos because of a similar problem?


  1. Hahahaha .... I had one where I was asleep and my baby was asleep on my boobs and I was topless ... and one nipple was totally looking at the camera. Beautiful moment I couldn't share with anyone.

  2. I like the warning sign one, personally :)
    I didn't have any photos taken of the actual birth, it happened so bloody quickly (told half an hour earlier that it would be 4-6 hours away) so there was no chance. But I've got lots of nice boob shots that are for us only.

  3. I have my WHOLE ass cocked in the air :)

  4. haha! love it, i vote for the sweet little heart. i am both sad and relieved that we did not have any photos taken at that time, just a bit of boob flash after the fact :)

  5. it's after 2000 and you have pubes?


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