Friday, July 22, 2011

"Thank Fuck For....." Friday

I'm starting a new initiative where I will share with you something I'm thankful for each week.

I'm calling it

"Thank Fuck For......." Friday


So to start things off. Today is Friday and I say Thank Fuck For Aldi.

Money's a bit tight this week but as fate usually has it, I needed to do a big grocery shop as I am massively unorganised lately and my pantry was bare (picture tumbleweeds blowing around).

Feeding a family of six each week can be a costly exercise at times.  Factor in baby formula and that 3 of my kids are in nappies (one only at night, but still) and a weekly shop can blow out significantly.

Of course, my NEED for quality coffee has nothing to do with it.

So I've been trying Aldi out recently for my shopping.  I've gone there a few times in the past, but have never attempted to do it regularly.  But the past few weeks I've put the effort in and last night proved to me that it's worthwhile.

Grand total: $152.64

That's a massive achievement for me considering our normal grocery shop can get close to (or sometimes exceed) $300 when shopping at a regular supermarket.

So again I say Thank Fuck For Aldi.  You've saved my skin this week.

Tell me what you thank fuck for this week.  And join me next Friday for the next instalment :).


  1. I really should give Aldi a go. I've only ever been there once. I am a bit of a brand snob *blushes*.

    My thank fuck for this week is daycare. By the time yesterday rolled around, I was ready to give my almost 4 year old away. He knows what buttons to push that child of mine. Love him to bits though ♥

  2. Aldi ROCKS. This week I say "Thank fuck for annual leave" - I'm having my first holiday with my kids since they were born almost six years ago. LOVING my time off!


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