Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My purpose in LIFE

So it has become apparent to me recently what my purpose in life is.

Some people spend their whole lives trying to figure out why they were put on this earth, what the point is.  I've been blessed to find out early in my life.

My purpose in life is to teach my daughter as many unsavoury words or phrases as I can.

Or at least, this is how it appears to me.  Every time I drop a naughty word into conversation I can 100% guarantee that Miss 3 will repeat it. She never lets me down.  Shame her ears don't work as well when I ask her to clean up her toys.

It's a regular thing in our house to hear Miss 3 muttering "fuck fuck fuck" under her breath. 

She calls Master 8 an asshole (in a nice way though, she thinks it's funny and a term of endearment).

When the ball hits her and she misses the catch she clutches her groin and exclaims "OH MY NUTS!!"

Today's new phrase is...........DOG'S BALLS

And it's entirely my fault.

My husband finished work early today (yay...not) and he kindly said he'd pick up Master 8 from school.  I watched him walk out the door in his trackie pants, complete with socks and thongs.  Yes, you heard right, SOCKS and THONGS.  Black socks with bright red toes.

I said: "I hope you don't plan to get out of the car like that. Your socks stand out like dog's balls"



I didn't know she was there.  Now all I've heard ever since is the constant repeating...."DOG'S BALLS, DOG'S BALLS!!!"

I try so hard not to drop too many swears in front of my kids, but sometimes it's near impossible.  It's a big part of who I am.

Do your kids repeat the words you wish they didn't?


  1. I remember when Joe was just talking and he followed me into my room, where I proceeded to kick my toe. I immediately repeated "fuck" around a million times. He then walked around the house for the rest of the day saying it and pointing at my toe. Bless.

  2. My uncle and aunty were recently here for a week for a visit... my uncle is VERY loud and forgets to watch his language... courtesy of him my nearly 3 year old yells out "Jesus what was that!?" everytime she hears a loud noise (having 3 houses being built around us means thats quite a regular happening) and saying "oh Shit"... a LOT. Thanks to me she says "for christs sake" all the time... luckily she hasnt picked up on me saying anything worse... yet!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I love this post. Yes, my son picked up the word 'shit' from me, unfortunately.
    I spent months trying to teach him to say 'I love you' to no avail. The one time I stub my toe and accidentally say 'shit' he picks it up straight away and doesn't stop saying it. WHY!? Hahahahaha :)

  4. It's great that you have a purpose, I am still looking for mine...

  5. Thanks so much Tara!! I know, it's like they just instantly know they shouldn't say these words. Little buggers. Muminsearch - don't worry, you'll find it. Just don't settle for mine, like I did. I really wish my purpose was something so much more noble :).


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