Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If you have to watch a vlog....make it this one!

So I've done another vagina log.

And no, it's really not as important as I've made it out to be....but heck, just watch it anyway, will ya?

You just gotta love those freeze-frames, don't you?  Sheesh!!

NB: To those I know in real life, don't freak out, the christening is not this week... it will be early October, but I'm organising it this week, so don't get all huffy thinking I didn't invite you :).


  1. Great vagina log!! LOL! Love it! Mine daughter seems to want to jump into the vlog everytime I do one, so I've yet to manage one successfully!
    Good luck with the big move! Always fun, especially when you throw kids into the mix!! And hope the Christening goes well too. :)

  2. You know babe, they hired YOU for a reason.... ALL that bogan, stuff is part of who you are. So when YOU met this big boss, remember they hired YOU cause of how awesome you are. And although you might not feel it or see it. YOU ARE.
    Also keep in mind they are just people, and YOU are great with people.
    love this blog

  3. Love the vlog! I hide in the bedroom too. Moving is the pits. I should know. I've done it over 70 times xox

  4. Yes, Miss 3 tried to "help" me the first time by sticking her arm up in front of my face all the time with her Strawberry Shortcake car.

    The move will be interesting indeed. I've only moved once before when kids were involved and that was only one child and it was only 10 minutes away LOL.


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