Friday, September 2, 2011

Things I know - I used to be hot, once

I used to be totally smokin' hot, once upon a time.

And then I had children.

I know my vajayjay will never, ever be the same again. I think I need to call these guys and make an appointment.

I know that giving birth and going through the challenges of raising children, has given me an even more filthy mouth than I did before.

Maybe not, but fuck it, I don't give a shit.

I know that my ass is now pushing for its own postcode.

I know that since breastfeeding my boobs are now following the laws of gravity a little too closely.

And I know that I have about another 15-20 years of lack of sleep ahead of me and these bags under my eyes will soon be a permanent feature of my face.

I found this when searching for remedies for baggy eyes....WTF????

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  1. what the??? eyebags remedies....

  2. ROFL! I love that you can see the funny side to it. I was never smoking hot but all of those things definitely apply to me
    and the baggy eye remedy, I just don't know what to say about that.

  3. Nobody likes a potty mouth? Shit. Wish I'd known that earlier!

    Perhaps the eyebag thing is a message about hydration??

  4. LOL, the droopy boobs were goners in pregnancy, even before you breastfed! It's that pesky relaxin hormone that also leads to hips problems that stop after the first or second pregnancy, ut after the fourth? Forgeddit!

  5. LOL!! I'm hearin' ya!!! I'm most saddest about the boobs... and the baggy eyes from lack of sleep!

  6. Painless vagina repair. *woot* My girlfriend says she is saving up for a designer vagina. I think she just likes saying it because it rhymes. :) Thanks for the smile re: the nuts

  7. I think they meant "painless" vagina repair

  8. Catching up on some blog reading and I am so glad I popped in. Fucking hilarious! xxx


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