Monday, September 26, 2011

It's on like Donkey Kong!

So I did a mad trip down to Melbourne on Friday to look at houses for our move. I flew back home on Saturday night and I was absolutely knackered!!!  I saw so many houses I've lost count.  But we've got an application in for a place that would be perfect for us - so fingers crossed!!

Going back down to Melbourne only reaffirmed why we think it's a great idea....

1.  It just looks so much nicer than Sydney

2.  The roads "work" there and actually look like they've been laid out with some foresight in mind.

3.  Most main roads are 80kph - as they should be in Sydney, but are not.

4.  The people are lovely and very welcoming (except for one property manager I met who was "one of those" who are totally full of their own self-importance - I haven't applied for that property out of principle).

5.  The airport is easier to figure out than Sydney's airport.

6.  The houses are just so much cheaper!!

7.  What can I say? I just love it down there.

I can't wait until we're there. We're starting countdown mode with ONE MONTH exactly until our move.

Bring it on!!!


  1. I hated it there and I was only there 3 days. You can take a girl outta Sydney but you can't take the Sydney outta the girl ;o)

  2. all the best biatches live in Victoria and can catch trains into Melbourne.

    Like me.



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